Woman Wins World Record for Longest Nails Due to Bad Hygiene

MINNEAPOLIS – Eliza Smote was surprised Wednesday when she received the news that she had won the Guinness World Records award for the longest nails.

“I had no idea I was even in the running,” Smote said while tearing up and trying to grab a tissue. Her nails measure 103 feet and one inch long.

It was hard to tell if Smote started to cry because she was honored or she was embarrassed.

“My husband nominated me,” she explained. “I work from home and sometimes I don’t see people for months.”

Smote is a freelance graphic designer. She’s not lazy by any means. The problem is that she actually gets wrapped up too much in her work.

“I have constant job offers and I don’t want to disappoint my clients,” Smote said. “Since I don’t actually have to see anyone in person, I often get up and start working right away.”

Smote admits she often forgets to take a shower and brush her teeth but her husband, Anthony, reminds her to do those things.

“He loves me,” she said. “But I know he loves me more when I’m not smelly.”

Since Eliza’s nails didn’t smell, Anthony never had issues with them. Whether she had clipped her nails or not often went unnoticed. But one day Anthony realized that Eliza had nails that rarely broke and grew quickly.

“I figured if I didn’t remind her to clip her nails, she’d be a world record holder,” Anthony said. “And I was right.”