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The Raw Water Movement is Incredibly Ridiculous and Incredibly Dangerous

You’ve got to be shitting … me.

Raw Water Movement









Iguanas in Florida becoming Frozen, Falling from Trees

As the late, great Mitch Hedberg would say, “My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen iguana. I said, ‘No, but I want a regular iguana later … so, yeah.'”

Iguanas in Florida Becoming Frozen, Falling From Trees During Cold Snap













New Truck Frozen in Mud has Only a Few Months before it’s Under Water

I wonder what’s on it’s bucket list.

New Truck Frozen In Mud Has Only A Few Months Before It's Under Water










Today is National Trivia Day

That’s a trivial fact.

60 Amazing Facts for National Trivia Day











Cheating Warning: New Partners most likely to Stray after this Many Months

After 9 months.

Cheating warning: New partners most likely to stray after this many months










Signs Your Co-Worker has a Job Interview Today

When your co-worker writes a vague Facebook status saying, “Please send good vibes my way today!”

7 Warning Signs that Your Employees are About to Quit










Female Pop Star Arrested in Egypt over ‘Sexually Suggestive’ Music Video

I guess she didn’t know how to walk like an Egyptian.

Female pop star arrested in Egypt over 'sexually suggestive' music video











This New Search Engine will Plant a Tree Every Time You Use It

New search engine will give only shady results.

This new search engine will plant a tree every time you use it Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:










Women are Eating McDonald’s after Sex because They Think It’ll Get Them Pregnant

After all, it is cheaper to eat hormone injected meat than to go to a fertility doctor.

Women are eating McDonald’s fries after sex because they think they’ll help them get pregnant Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: