Rules of Airline Fight Club

Chaos has ensued as all of the Airline Fight Club rules have been broken. To keep things in order and out of the news, we are reiterating the rules. If we see one more breaking story about Airline Fight Club, all those involved will immediately be put on the “No-Fly List.”

First Rule: You do no talk about Airline Fight Club.

Second Rule: You DO NOT talk about Airline Fight Club. Don’t whisper or even think about it.

Third Rule: If someone yells, “stop!,” goes limp or taps out, a sedative and a hot towel will be provided.

Fourth Rule: Only two people to a fight – one crew member and one passenger.

Fifth Rule: One fight at a time. No ridiculousness like the scene at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Sixth Rule: No shirts, no shoes – NO SERVICE! Don’t even try to wear leggings.

Seventh Rule: Delays will go on as long as they have to.

Eighth Rule: If this is your first time at Airline Fight Club, you have to wait to fight until all sections have been boarded.