Power of the Mind – Reading Thermometers as Celsius rather than Fahrenheit Raises Temperatures in North Dakota

GRAND FORKS, North Dakota – What happens when a city the size of more than 50,000 people start to use the power of the mind? They change the temperature.

At least that’s what happened in Grand Forks, North Dakota this past week.

First thought to be a ruse to launch their swimsuit modeling career, Maria Tuco and Jesse Troutman show that the power of the mind can raise temperatures.


Grand Forks is known as one of the coldest cities in the United States. The average temperature is 34 degrees Fahrenheit in March.

Tired of spring not coming in March “like it’s supposed to,” friends and practitioners of the power of the mind, Maria Tuco and Jesse Troutman proposed at a city council meeting that everyone should look at the thermometer readings in the area as if they were in Celsius.

“The day of the council meeting it was only 19 degrees outside,” Tuco said. “I suggested that we look at the temperature as if it’s Celsius. That would mean it would be about 66.”

Everyone in that meeting agreed that they felt a bit warmer just thinking about it being 66 degrees outside instead of a blustering seven degrees when accounting for windchill.

“At first most of us just thought it was hippy nonsense and an excuse for those two eccentrics to parade around in their skimpy swimwear,” alderperson Walter Flynn said. “But when the temperature raised each day this past week by three degrees, I thought why the heck not join in.”

In order to help the city visualize together, temperature conversion charts were set up at every bank location that had a temperature ticking away on their signs. The council people, with the help of Tuco and Troutman, also placed conversion charts at gas stations for people to take and put on their dashboards near the temperature gauges in their cars. A social media and mass email effort to help link citizens to online temperature conversion charts was also implemented.

“We just told everyone to plop in the Fahrenheit number into the Celsius area of the conversion calculator and then to think hard about what that temperature feels like,” Troutman said.

Flynn is 77-years-old and has lived in Grand Forks all of his life. He says he has never seen it warm up so fast. The temperature in Grand Forks is currently 43 degrees but everyone’s acting like it’s 109.