CIA Agent Falls in Love with Single Mother through Microwave Surveillance

It was CIA agent Matthew Wilcox’s assignment to spy on single mother of two, Pricilla Hunter through her microwave.

“I’m not exactly sure why I was watching and taking photos of Pricilla,” Wilcox said. “I don’t have the clearance to know the specifics. I was just supposed to monitor her throughout the day and give my superiors a report of her activities.”

Wilcox admits that he found Hunter attractive right away but says that it was how great she was with her kids and how she has a penchant to overcook things in the microwave that made him fall for her. 

“She puts frozen burritos in the microwave for over four minutes,” Wilcox said. “Everyone knows burritos get crusty after heating them up for two.”

After spending over a month watching her daily life, Wilcox said that he started feeling like he was part of the family. “I ached to know her and her children,” he said. So Wilcox started sending Hunter secret admirer letters through the mail.

“The letters were sweet. They talked about how I was gentle and kind,” Hunter said. “I just figured they were from a coworker especially since it mentioned that I heat up soup for five minutes and then wait about 20 minutes before eating it since it’s way too hot after that amount of time in the microwave. Sure I thought it was a little weird that this person was spending so much time watching my microwave habits but I shrugged it off.”

Not being able to stand not knowing her in real life anymore, Wilcox told his superiors about his feelings for Hunter and the secret admirer letters he had been writing her.

“I knew I was risking losing my job,” Wilcox said. “But, what can I say, I’m a romantic.”

Surprisingly, Wilcox’s superiors were also romantics. “They told me that they were about to stop watching Pricilla anyway and gave me their blessing,” Wilcox said.

Wilcox wrote his last letter to Hunter Thursday and revealed himself to her.

“I was actually flattered. It didn’t creep me out at all since he was just doing his job,” Hunter said. “It takes a lot of pressure off since he’s seen me at home with my kids. A lot of who you are gets revealed in that setting. I’m excited to meet him.”

Wilcox and Hunter have set up their first date to officially meet on Friday. “We’re going to a movie. That way the popcorn gets made for us,” Wilcox said. “She usually puts a bag of popcorn in for about 10 minutes.”