Blogger Boosts Following with “Selfies for Syria” Campaign

After a chemical weapons attack on a Syrian town Tuesday, Narcissa Egoiste came up with a plan to both boost her blog following and to help Syrian refugees.

“I call it ‘Selfies for Syria,’” Egoiste said. “It’s actually quite a brilliant plan if I don’t say so myself.”

Photo by amitasawant at

Egioste, a self-proclaimed model (as of the publishing of this article she’s never been hired as a professional model) has a public diary of sorts. She usually takes two selfies a day. One selfie in the morning and another one at night. When posting these pictures, she writes about what’s going on in her life.

“My sedutive posts get the most comments, likes and shares all over the social media world,” Egioste said.

So she is adding a seductive pose to her repertoire. She’s calling these posts “Afternoon Delight.” Egoiste has committed to posting one seductive picture everyday at noon and all of these photos will be kept on a page of her blog called “Selfies for Syria.”

“In the face of horror, I want to give people something beautiful to look at,” Egoiste said. “I’ve been told many times that I’m gorgeous so it’s just my way to help.”

Not only is Egoiste giving the public an extra photo of herself every day, she said she will also donate one-one-hundredth of a penny to a Syrian Refugee organization (still to be determined) every time a person clicks on an ad on the “Selfies for Syria” page.

“I get only about five cents for every ad click,” Egoiste said. “So that’s a lot of my revenue.
Egoiste will keep up her extra post a day until the conflict is over. “It will be my hardship to bear,” she said.

When asked if she thought this was shallow given the circumstances, Egoiste said, “Not at all. I’m giving of myself. It takes a lot of effort to find the right outfit, backdrop, framing, lighting and filter.”