Frontal Newsity is a satire magazine. The stories and photos are not about real news. This site is intended for levity in a world that is full of serious issues. Be kind to one another.

Editor-in-Chief: Genelle Millard has degrees in journalism and business. Her experience in reporting, editing, graphic design and business ownership makes her perfect to steer this magazine in the absurd amount of directions it takes. Genelle is talented in so many different ways sometimes it seems as if she is more than one person.

Copy Editor: Hank Neuvlo ~ If something is wrong with the grammar, blame Hank. He said he was good at words.

Cartoonist: Datt L. Rillormea ~ “I don’t know how much revenue my drawings are going to make me so I make what I like to call sketchy sketches. They’re something I can draw quickly.” Finally! An artist that knows what art is all about – the bottom line and you’re all getting what you pay for since you’re enjoying Datt’s work for free on the interwebs.

Staff Writer: Regina Dellmell enjoys coffee dates and romantic walks on the beach. She’s looking for a partner with a strong work ethic and someone who is family-oriented. Apparently, Regina didn’t realize what type of profile we were asking her for. We hope she follows directions better when writing her articles.

Staff Writer: Tim “Lore” Tallard ~ You can tell by his nickname that Tim can tell a good tale. Tim is not only good at yarning stories, he is also an accomplished knitter. His knitting abilities makes Tim our favorite Secret Santa.