8 Signs You Moved from Wisconsin to Southern California

8. You can never leave home without your sunglasses again. There are no dreary days.

7. The drawer full of wool sweaters you kept will never be used.

6. You will actually have to wash your car. No waiting for the rain to wash it for you. 

5. A white van can pull up behind you and your first thought is, “It’s just a surfer looking for a parking spot. It’s not an abductor.”

4. The question “Where are you from?” means what other state or country did you come from. It doesn’t mean what town did you grow up in about 20 miles away.

3. “Weather Permitting” is unnecessary for outdoor events.

2. You don’t close your windows because of the cold. You close them because you’re sick of the contact high you’re getting from your neighbor smoking out on his balcony.

1. You no longer stop shaving your legs or grow a beard during the winter to help you stay warm. Not shaving is now a statement of who you are.